Mogul Nation

Founded in 2008 Mogul was born from the idea of making a difference both globally and for oneself.

The acronym for mogul is : modern-organic-goods-u-like!

This is an aspiration to help people decide what is most important in their personal brand story.

Vote with conscious consumer products and dollars and be the change you want to see in your world!

Mogul is helping the consumer choose locally made Australian, low carbon footprint and sustainable products with a focus on simple style.

Made of the highest quality cotton yarn imported from India and manufactured into a fabric in Australia, then dyed responsibly using low impact dyes and constructed into t-shirt in our Sydney factory.

Some insight into our sourced cotton for MOGUL

The certified organic cotton in mogul t-shirts and fabrics is sourced from India.

Certified organic cotton is farmed without the use of pesticides, genetically modified seed or synthetic fertilizers.

The soil is built up over the years to retain moisture and fungus enabling, in our case, the organic cotton to prosper on a dry land (non-irrigated) farm.


Once the cotton is picked, the cotton is passed through a gin where the seeds and leaves from the plants are separated from the cotton fiber.

The gin is cleaned out of conventional cotton fiber prior to our organic cotton being processed. The ginned organic cotton is then packed into bales and each bale is tested by an independent body for its quality.


The organic cotton lint is then transported to a spinning mill in where it is ring spun into yarn. Ring spinning is the highest quality spinning process. The certified organic cotton yarn we import from India is spun and certified by the Control Union formerly SKAL.


All our fabrics are knitted in Melbourne, Australia under a licensing agreement. Once the organic cotton yarn is knitted into a single jersey t-shirt fabric it’s ready for manufacturing garments.

Some of the reasons why making a difference is important to MOGUL

Organic Fair Trade Practices:

  •  Ethical Manufacturing
  • Justice for Workers, no sweatshops
  •  Strict Code of Labor Practices
  •  Low Carbon Products
  •  Low Water Impact
  • Low impact organic agriculture
  • Innovative product design
  • Combats climate change
  • Organic certifified azo-free dyes
  • No artificial fertilizers
  • No petroleum-based chemicals


Mogul clothing is meant to be part of your everyday life and shows to people the brand you wear stands for making a difference. Both in your world and in the future mogul has relevance because of its high quality and commitment to using sustainable and reusable products.


We hope that by having a fair price for our high quality products mogul is practicing FAIR TRADE.

The concept of fair trade is simple, no one has suffered in the process of making our Mogul garments and the profit margins are under normal market value because we have no agents and our focus is on direct marketing and online sales.

Its mogul or nothing

Derek Muir

Creative Director